My first instinct has always been to go explore. This apparently is hereditary, at least in may case.


I remember when I first found out we were moving from our home in Uruguay to New York city. I knew little of New York, or the USA for that matter, outside of glossy catalogues and American fashion magazines I would perused while sitting on my wicker chair. But somehow the idea thrilled me. I wanted to go, no questions asked. Bags packed and ready.


My sister on the other was way more apprehensive. She refused. Even through to the day we were flying out. She “lost” her winter jacket as a last attempt to make us miss our flight. We didn’t and we entered into a different world in so many ways I can’t begin to explain.


My father had been working in New York city for some time. He loved it. My mother finally gave in and uprooted us all. I do not know what my father was looking for, what he loved so much about NY. I never asked. I just knew it was his favourite place.


My fathers parents also immigrated from Italy to Uruguay in the 1940’s. Although economics often plays a role in the decision to move there is always and element of something other, something deeper within.

I also love NY but I knew I would not stay there forever. I did not know where I would end up but I was more than willing to explore and see where life would take me.

So in some ways it was not a difficult choice to leave for Africa. Namibia, by chance.

When I decided to try my luck in Africa, I did not have a specific country in mind. It was purely luck that brought me to Namibia and to Swakopmund specifically. I had visited this small town in the desert while on holiday but it was purely by fate that I ended up here.


Needless to say I stayed. At first my intention was to try it out for a year or so but I quickly began to like this odd little town and all of its quirky ways. I was, back when I first arrived in 2000, more or less part small little beach town and part ex German colony. Now, seventeen years later, it has changed immensely. It still maintains many of its small town charms but the population has grown and still continues to do so. The population has also diversified and now reflects more and more the true nature of the country. It is also a big tourist destination so there are many international visitors and residents.

It still remains a small town nestled between a great desert and the sea and that is perfect.


I still love to travel and explore new places any and every chance I get but this has become my home. My place to come back to.

Wanderers. We are the ones in search of something, even when we don’t know what we are looking for. It finds us if we are willing to take the path.

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