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On our way to the Hunger Games

How did we get here? Maybe we innocently,  maybe not so innocently, started on this road a way back when the idea of watching a group of young people living their lives seemed amusing.  I don’t know what we were… Continue Reading →


when you said: I didn’t think you’d get this far I thought you meant spatially on this continent so far from where I’ve been and known   he said I’d get far but he also did not know.   past… Continue Reading →

My life so far

Sometimes in life you just have to hold your breadth and jump.

A little house in the desert

So this is our little house in the desert. Yes in the middle of the desert, but what a view. We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase this small part of desert in 2008, just before our second… Continue Reading →


It was garbage day or rather rubbish day. Much more eloquent These are new things she learned there the subtleties of language that take the English from Queens and turn it into the Queens English she contemplated this along with… Continue Reading →

Notes on privilege

Today I am privileged. I haven’t always been. In Uruguay, haven been born there, I was more or less like everyone else. To say I did not experience difference as such. It’s not that we were all “the same” but… Continue Reading →


My first instinct has always been to go explore. This apparently is hereditary, at least in may case. I remember when I first found out we were moving from our home in Uruguay to New York city. I knew little… Continue Reading →


I didn’t think so at the time but now I know better. Today at least Now The grass in the desert isn’t as green Muted. thirsty. like us On our toes edging forward fighting the prevailing wind I trust this… Continue Reading →

Why Africa? 

Why not. Probably the first question I get asked and the easiest to answer. In many instances we have forgotten the essence of life. There are few places were living is just that. No more, no less. I grow my… Continue Reading →

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