How did we get here? Maybe we innocently,  maybe not so innocently, started on this road a way back when the idea of watching a group of young people living their lives seemed amusing.  I don’t know what we were looking for, maybe watching others seemed easier than living our own lives (we have been reduced to watching lives instead of living them).

I do not watch reality TV, but I have come across it from time to time while switching through the channels, from time to time stopping briefly in awe.  The multitude of “real” housewives and Kardashian like spin offs if astounding.  What I find more troubling though is the level of un-real in these programmes.  I think we all know by now that the individuals in these programmes are acting or over acting in order to increase their viewership.  But this is not all that is unreal.

Swollen lips, large breast, narrow waists and large behinds seem to be the look these programmes are prescribing to.  Women are not the exception, the men also appear more like Ken than the average man walking down the street.  Sadly, this is not real even for the cast members of these programmes.  What we are seeing is the result of make up, fake eyelashes, push-up bras, padding and spanks.  When seen in real life these individuals are barely recognizable as they do not appear the same as their on-screen persona.

They are putting it on for our entertainment and possibly a cash reward, should they make it to the end.  Now the next wave of reality TV has set in.  In this brand of reality TV contestants battle it out with each other for survival.  Okay they don’t die, just yet, but they play against each other to stay on the programme.  Is is starting to sound a bit too familiar?  It should.  We are placing people in a glass box, watching them all night and day hoping that the one we are rooting for will out play, backstab or maneuvre the others out.  Then we add challenges, be it physical or psychological, in order to eliminate more individuals.  The more dangerous the challenge the more entertaining it appears to be.  They have after all volunteered to enter into this and if they succeed they will be rewarded and we will be entertained.

But again, we do need to stop and ask ourselves where are we going?  What is our final destination?  Is this the road we wish to be on?

When we let profit dictate, we make bad choices.  Bad in the long run for us all.

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