This is one of my favourite times of the year. Although it is, unfortunately, the end of summer and the beginning of the cold misty days here at the coast – it is also harvest time.

The pomegranates have carried heavily this year which means loads of lovely juice red beads to mix in my morning muesli or juice or make jam or just eat them one by one.

The cotton trees are also blooming. I love the soft white puffs. Like a flower but better.

In our vegetable garden the aubergines/eggplants have grown dark and full making the way for many dinner dishes.

And now…the highlight of the season…the olives. Our olive trees have carried heavily this year, giving us a great crop. Thus we begin the olive picking, slicing and salt curing of the fruit. This is a long process but very much worth the wait.

The olives will soak anywhere from two to four weeks with regular changes of water and fresh salt. Once the bitterness of the olive has gone we will begin putting them in jars with an array of various flavours. My personal favourite is rosemary, lemon and garlic.