Freedom exists in the heads of its believers

I lie when I speak, when I think

what do I think

I think I channel old antiquated characters

from other’s imaginations

I think being gutted must be painful

but being torn must be worse

I think I don’t like what I’ve been fed but I’ve been told to be quiet

I think my brothers have bound me

my sisters have judged me

I think I’m sick

I think I like it

I think books I’ve read have lied

I know they have

I think you and I like pain

we wallow in it so

I think the sky is not blue anymore

the grass is not green

I think the smell is here to stay

I think I know you

I don’t think you do

I think you only smile in pictures

and love is like God

I think it’s cold outside

I think that’s why we stay in

I think society is our prison

I think we are afraid to be free.