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On our way to the Hunger Games

How did we get here? Maybe we innocently,  maybe not so innocently, started on this road a way back when the idea of watching a group of young people living their lives seemed amusing.  I don’t know what we were… Continue Reading →

the swallow’s dance

as if he were playing between heaven and hell seamlessly teasing the world below who could not soaring and diving close enough to hear his wings as the wind rushed through them and again encircling soaring we watched for that… Continue Reading →


They attacked me with harpoon eyes and razor like tongues I was feeding their curiosity and at the same time dying My blood seemed to sooth them, to quench their thirst Spoke like they knew my soul when the two… Continue Reading →

Life in the shadows

There were five of us But none of us knew of each other We thought we were alone Freaks, loners Shy exhibitionist And do we wept alone during the night We cried and smiled solemnly Now it is only I… Continue Reading →



Segmented. Neither here Nor there All in one None at all. Hidden beneath Behind. Next to You Speechless. Because words will not Suffice This moment In time. All this life That lies behind And beyond You and I. Segmented I… Continue Reading →


It was a midnight storm

no lightning. no thunder. silent.

But its force could not be denied

its presence could not be ignored

nor its path altered

Road Trip

So … we travel a lot by car, as a family (Namibia is a big country). This time around, though, we decided to take the kids a bit further. The kids had never been to Cape Town which is really… Continue Reading →


when you said: I didn’t think you’d get this far I thought you meant spatially on this continent so far from where I’ve been and known   he said I’d get far but he also did not know.   past… Continue Reading →

My life so far

Sometimes in life you just have to hold your breadth and jump.

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