I have always loved Christmas. Needless to say, decorating for Christmas has always been my job. I did the tree, the house, the wrapping paper – all of it. I just wanted to capture the feeling – for everyone.


This was probably quite a bit easier while living in the US. I love the snow, the cold outside and the warmth and coziness inside. This was by far my favorite time in New York. I just loved walking through the lit up streets and peering in to heavily decorated shop windows. Nothing like it.


Fast forward to now – no snow – instead there is heat, pool, sunshine (sometimes) and the beach. It takes some getting used to. I did have Christmas in the summer for the first eight years of my life, but I don’t think I noticed it then. That is how I knew Christmas. For the last 17 years Christmas has been warm sunshine and beach. You would think I have gotten accustomed to this by now – I have.

For the first few years in Namibia, our Christmas trees were dried out trees we collected from the dry river beds. I then started buying small “Christmas” trees from the local nursery with the intention of planting them after Christmas was over. It never worked. By the end of the holidays the tree was half dead and it never survived replanting.


As the kids got older I opted for a traditional fake tree. I though this might make it feel more Christmas like for the kids.

I do small decorations throughout the house but unfortunately cannot lite up the house itself as we are solar and this would just not work. A few years ago I did come across some solar Christmas lights for the trees outside. But we had a puppy then and he took to chewing the wire. In the end there was more electrical tape than actual wire. Needless to say they didn’t last more than that one year and I haven’t been able to find them again.

I also have Christmas calendars for the kids every year. Now this is new to me as I never did this when I was younger. For the first few years I bought the little calendars at the supermarkets and that was good enough but agh, have you ever tried the chocolate itself. I am not sure this is really chocolate. so this year my youngest asked to a Christmas calendar with Ferrero Rocher.


Well, I searched on the internet for some nice countdown printable and made little boxes for their Christmas calendar and filled them with chocolates. Okay so this is more expensive than the store-bought one but well worth it – it is Christmas after all!

School holidays have started so off to the beach we go.

Next up, working on the Christmas menu and at least one meal pool side!

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