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October 2017


Words do not suffice this task no human mind can conjure up or grasp Speech breaks tears at its own attempt pull and grabs but it will not comprehend That which the body knows it feels Its shakes and throws… Continue Reading →

North bound!

  Swakopmund is a little coastal town, which is great in the summer when it is simply cooking inland, but in the winter it can be cold and grey at times.  Luckily, Namibia always has some sunshine on offer just… Continue Reading →


Freedom exists in the heads of its believers I lie when I speak, when I think what do I think I think I channel old antiquated characters from other’s imaginations I think being gutted must be painful but being torn… Continue Reading →


My first instinct has always been to go explore. This apparently is hereditary, at least in may case. I remember when I first found out we were moving from our home in Uruguay to New York city. I knew little… Continue Reading →

River wild

Entrance to the world Portal of the soul gushing river A pessimistic child you’ve borne with angst and pain it breathes and hides its mortal soul beneath its withered leaves. i.i.©

The Two

Like threads of copper and gold that curl and twist as if to defy gravity They glow as if they themselves emitted light and I find myself transfixed by them, by you and him. Four years have come and gone… Continue Reading →

A community centre in the desert

So what does it take to run a small NGO in Africa for over 13 years? Patience. Lots of patience. This is the DRC (democratic resettlement community not THE DRC) School Project in Swakopmund, Namibia. The DRC is an informal… Continue Reading →

On the farm

This is our home in the desert. Ten hectares of sand and rock. We love it. We built our house roughly nine years ago and still continue to add, change, repair continuously. We have a small olive grove with roughly… Continue Reading →

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